Visor Mask Shield Instructions

INSTRUCTIONS for Applying the VISOR MASK SHIELD to your Baseball Cap

1.) REMOVE the protective film from BOTH SIDES of the face shield. Pressing a strip of adhesive tape to the surface of the film can provide a better grip to make it easier to peel away both protective layers.The face shield surface should emerge perfectly sanitary and transparent.

2.) INSERT a mini steel or plastic binder clip into the top center pair of slots in the face shield such that the jaws of the steel clip straddle the strip of plastic sheet between the slots.

3.) INSERT the front of your baseball cap visor into the binder clip such that the top center of the face shield is clamped to the visor as shown.

4.) INSERT binder clips into the side slots in order to secure the sides of the face shield to the left and right edges of the baseball cap visor as shown.Choose a higher or lower pair of slots depending upon how flattened or highly-pitched your baseball cap visor is; use your own judgement in determining how best to position the face shield on your cap using the side slots and clips.

5.) REMOVE the two wire handles from each of the mini binder clips by pinching the wire prongs together sideways,such that they pop out of the steel clip;this should leave you with six wire handles which can be reinserted later for readjustment or removal of the steel clips.

6.) For comfort and convenience,small adjustments to the face shield using the slots and clips can be made very easily.Apply adhesive tape, your company logos and/or personalized decorative stickers to cover the open slots and attachment points, and your Visor Mask Shield is ready to WEAR! Remember to wipe down both sides of the face shield daily using isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.