A Unique Face Shield Designed for protection against coughing and sneezing

Non-obstructive design that protects the nose, mouth and eyes, and easily attaches to any cap with a visor, such as a regular baseball cap. Great for businesses who want to protect their staff while promoting their brand image through hats showcasing their unique branding.

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About visor mask shield

A small Santa Fe, New Mexico company with its lab in Hillsboro, Oregon has developed a unique face shield. This face shield, made out of sturdy 10 mil polycarbonate, completely surrounds the face, protecting the nose, mouth and eyes, and easily attaches to any cap with a visor such as a regular baseball cap. Called the Visor Mask Shield (www.visormaskshield.com), the face shield guards against direct droplet transmission from sneezing and coughing, whether from the wearer or from others. The Visor Mask Shield also serves as a barrier to prevent touching of the face, which is an acknowledged mode of viral transmission. The Visor Mask Shield arrives with a protective layer on both sides that is to be peeled-off prior to use, ensuring that it is both crystal clear and sanitary. The Visor Mask Shield can be reused many times since it is easy to sanitize with alcohol, bleach or other cleaning supplies. The Visor Mask Shield can be worn with glasses or other personal protective equipment, and since it attaches easily to the sort of baseball-style caps which are so popular and commonly worn all over the USA, this face shield is just as comfortable to wear as the hat to which it is applied. Plus, people can actually see your face. The package comes with 12 Visor Mask Shields and 36 visor attachment clips. The Visor Mask Shield can be attached to the visor of almost any baseball cap style of hat, and is perfect for corporate, advertising or other promotional caps. Price is $43.20 plus $2.80 USPO shipping for twelve Visor Mask Shields. Shipping begins 4/22/2020.

Visor Mask Shield, LLC is a division of Norsam Technologies, Inc. (www.norsam.com). Norsam was founded in 1995 by two Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists and has over 200 New Mexico investors. The company primarily engages in focused ion beam technology, manufacturing diamond tips and probes and apertures for nano science applications.